amy sil mil design
Candle and Box Mockup_aerial view.jpg


LAP•PA is a high end candle for botanists, inspired by Carl Linnaeus. The mockups with the candle and box were also custom done in studio. The story for this candle is as follows:

Carl was a Swedish botanist who formalized the classification of plants, inventing the dual name method for organisms called binomial nomenclature. This achievement did not blossom overnight. It was through his empiracism —­ for Linnaeus didnt believe anything he didnt see with his own eyes — and his interest in how plants functioned in the world that led him toward this end. During university he landed a grant to go on a six month expedition in 1732 to Lapland, the northernmost region of Finland. He traveled 3,000 miles on foot or horse with his journal, botanical manuscripts and sheets of paper for pressing plants in hand. It was there in Lapland (Lappa in Latin) that he discovered over 100 new species of plants and started forming his methods on classification. This is the adventure in Lapland retold through our senses.

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Candle and Box Mockup_aerial view.jpg