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Phoebe Vinyl_front and center_FINAL_LARGE.jpg

Phoebe Bridgers Vinyl

A reimagined vinyl record design crafted from handmade elements. In the first track, Smoke Signals, Phoebe sings, “I buried the hatchet, it’s coming up lavender.” This inspired me. Throughout the album she explores of the other side of inner darkness (including her own) and humanizing the criminal. I think all of us have complex sides and though I would never condone to act on that darkness it made me think a lot about the stories behind crime. I imagined a murderer who loved someone who didn’t love them back, but could not accept that. So in trying to communicate that love, things became twisted and destroyed both the human and the love.  So I took something really delicate,  lavender (from the lyric), and destroyed it through burning it and dropping “blood” on it. On the back cover there is a faint shadow of a hand holding the lavender before it’s destroyed, representing good intention turned wrong. Since Phoebe often alludes to the 80s in her music and brand, I used retro 80s type effects on the type. Her name looks like an early video game and I hand wrote the album title to look like the energetic typography straight out of the past. 

Phoebe Vinyl_front and center_FINAL_LARGE.jpg
Phoebe Vinyl_back cover_FINAL_LARGE.jpg
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